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I have a vast experience taking a vision and bringing it into a reality using a plethora of platforms and technologies. Integration of lights, motors, sensors, web interfaces, phone apps and more in scales ranging from necklaces to entire walls. If you have a vision you would like to bring to life contact me so we can discuss.
Below are some of the ready made infrastructure I have to help dreams come true.

LED matrices

I've always wanted a shiny giraffe.

As part of the GoggLED project I have developed the capability to design Wifi/Bluetooth controlled LED matrices of arbitrary shape, and to create 1:1 3D printed mechanical prototypes in very short timespans.

Prototype soldered.jpg

Room scale projects

Fast. Maintainable, Reliable

I have infrastructure for deploying addressable LED strips to a room/hall scale project using Cat 5 cables, for projects with up to 7000 pixels at 30fps (soon to be upgraded to 24000 pixels).



Let everything play together

As a long time software engineer (over 15 years of experience) I enjoy the technical challenge of getting this to play along. Let's take my stuff and your stuff and make them better.

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