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My favorite projects

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Touchy Blinky

August 2017

Touchy Blinky is an Interactive LED wall. Each of the pixels is also a very tactile button, with light sound and touch all coming to together to create a mesmerizing experience for the participants.



2018 / August 2014

GoggLED is a project meant to transform the wearer into a piece of art. The seemingly unmodified goggles actually contain an LED matrix inside, especially crafted to not blind the person using them, and to be see through. The result is an animated face.
A new version is being worked on for 2018, possibly for global availability.

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Hand of Inspiration - Midburn

August 2013

As head of the lighting and electronics team for the Hand of Inspiration C.O.R.E project for Burning Man 2013 I designed and build all of the lighting and interactive element for the installation

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Random Projects


and random costume bits and pieces.

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